About Miss Nice Life

Thank you for stopping by the Miss Nice Life blog.  My name is Ashleigh Dopp, originally from Buffalo, NY, but just moved to Calgary, Alberta.  Miss Nice Life began back in college as a statement tossed around when something fun and amazing happened, "Hey, Nice Life!" which happened a lot!  


Personally I love travelling, taking pictures, going to amazing events and sharing it with my friends and family on social media outlets. Therefore, my friends decided it was happening; the blog needed to be made! They loved my traveling tips and stories so I was asked to share all my fun through this platform.  That is how Miss Nice Life was created.  As a novice blogger I want to help everyone experience wonderful excursions, find value, and explore life.

My main focus is in travel, however when doing so you find your other passions: Food and Fashion!  I like to sprinkle some of those into the blog as well.

Any questions or comments you may have about any adventure please do not hesitate to reach out.  I also take many many pictures during all of my experiences and i cannot post them all.


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About the Photography

If I am not snapping the shots during my excursions, Kelly MacDonald is.  Kelly is born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Kelly has found a true passion in photography. He has been using a Nikon D5300 for 1 year and is constantly learning new techniques to improve his skills and increase knowledge in the field.  

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