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My Top Trends after New York Fashion Week

Fashion week 2017 paved the way for many new trends for the upcoming seasons. From Jill Stuart to Christopher Esber to Laurence & Chico (pictures below) here are some top trends:

1. Trench coats

2. Floral/ Garden Prints

3. Embellished buttons and patches

4. Ruffles/ Lace

5. Tie ups/ corset tie

6. White dress shirt

7. Khaki

8. Stripes

9. Sailor

10. Off the shoulder

Shop affordable looks above:

Express Leather Striped Lace Coat: www.express.com

Forever 21 Sailor Coat and white sweat shirt dress: www.forever21.com

Boots: www.kennethcole.com

Sunglasses: www.rayban.com

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