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Quick trip from USA to Cuba

Cigar smoke, peeling pastels, vintage 1950 Chevy's, cobblestone roads, and fresh churros; Americans finally get the chance to experience Cuba's cultural time warp. After booking our flight to Cuba we spent hours researching and planning our trip as a US resident. Admittedly, traveling to Cuba has never been easier, but there are still some guidelines you need to follow.

How Can You Buy a Plane Ticket?

Now it’s much more simple, but still requires some essential information. Buying flights to Cuba was as simple as buying any flight online; and the US is starting to reduce their restrictions for travel. Southwest was reasonably priced and customer service helped us obtain a travel visa for $50 online, which you pick up at the airport to fill out before boarding the plane for Cuba (essential documents pictured below).

Categories of legal travel to Cuba from the US

  • Family visits

  • Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations

  • Journalistic activity

  • Professional research and professional meetings

  • Educational activities

  • Religious activities

  • Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions

  • Support for the Cuban people

  • Humanitarian projects

  • Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes

  • Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or informational materials

  • Certain export transactions that may be considered for authorization under existing - Department of Commerce regulations and guidelines with respect to Cuba or engaged in by U.S.-owned or -controlled foreign firms

The largest in the Caribbean, awaited gorgeous beaches, fascinating history and some of the liveliest people we ever meet. There was plenty to discover when we were there, that we may book another trip back in the near future. It’s easy to be surprised by the wide array of options you have when you visit Cuba, ranging from multiple beaches to following the footsteps of onetime Havana resident Ernest Hemingway. If you are traveling to Havana and have questions or need suggestions please reach out.

Accommodations, Restaurants and Dining

The Hotel stands out due to its elegance and ancient splendor, which since 1930 has attracted a large number of personalities, such as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, artists Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Johnny Weismuller, Walt Disney, and scientist Alexander Flemming.

PALADAR LA GUARIDA: (+53) 78 66 90 47

This is a magical space is where you can adventure and dine among the memories of Cuban historical characters. Many famous icons travel to this beautiful restaurant to be surrounded by the vintage staircases, great rooftop views and authentic food.

LOS NARANJOS: +53 7 8311360

Los Naranjos is located in the heart of Vedado, a fusion style restaurant situated in an expansive mansion from the turn of the century. The dishes were vibrant and delicious!

KEMPINSKI +53 786 99100

Address: Havana 10200, Cuba

Originally built between 1894 and 1917 as the first European style shopping area in Cuba, Kempinski La Habana is situated in the heart of the old Havana with a direct view of the Capitol and the Great Theater of Havana. We got to experience the first true luxury hotel in Cuba and indulged in some fair priced beverages next to the rooftop pool. I recommend stopping by around sunset to catch the beautiful views and see this beautifully remodeled establishment.

Amazing Cuban Excursion:

Click the link below to find out more about the amazing tour we took around Havana, Cuba!

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