A Weekend in Indy | Indianapolis, Indiana

With beautiful parks, thriving local businesses and unique events, you won’t find a better place to create new memories than downtown Indianapolis. I maybe bias as I am originally from Buffalo, NY and it reminds me of my hometown. To many people, Indianapolis just has some famous professional sports teams, but there’s so much more to love about this fun and culturally-diverse destination. To help you start planning your next visit, I’ve highlighted some of the best things to do in Downtown Indy.

A staple in the Indiana craft beer scene, Sun King Brewery opened their doors to a warehouse craft distillery and tap room in 2009. Being our first time in Indianapolis, we reached out to Brian Dahle, the tap room manager, and he was extremely welcoming and offered us a Friday tour. As we walked up to the vibrant patio and through the doors we were greeted with a smile at the front desk by Brandy. The large warehouse space immediately felt warm and homey. As you walk into the main area; there is a new restaurant on the right, picnic tables with a live look to the brewery straight ahead and the taps located on the left. Brian came out to meet us we got right to the facts of how the brewery was the first and only brewery to win 8 medals, at the Great American Beer Festival (picture below). Dave and Clay founded Sun King Brewery with three additional partners, including Omar, Andy and Steve. The history of the name comes from Dave Colt, who said that there is one thing that controls all ingredients used in the brewing process is the sun; "the sun is everywhere." Omar, who was an original investor, and very interested in Mayan culture had the idea for the logo. This collaboration became Sun King Brewery!

There's a huge difference between brewing mediocre beer and brewing good beer. Next time you sip, pay attention to the quality of suds. One could say brewing beer is actually very easy. Warm up some water, add malt, hops, and yeast and then wait a few weeks and you’ll have some sort of beer. However, making good beer is a different story entirely. Brian brought us into the "Beer Mainframe," as he said. Touring many breweries I was extremely impressed with the liquid control and testing. We were introduced to the quality control manager, Kevin, who refereed to himself as a "beer scientist." In this room There IS a computer showing what beer is where, a lab area with 40 different yeast strains, AND an area to do blind taste testing; where volunteers come in and taste quality of many different beers to make sure the consistency continues. (photo below). The attention to detail is bar-none, so much so that other breweries contract out to Sun King to maintain their own high standards.

Walking by pallets stacked with Sun King brews we moved into the 30 barrel brew house. The brewery surpassed 4 million cans this year and not only sold in Indiana, but you can get your hands on Sun King in Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, and Ohio. They added an automated canning line in early 2010. In less than two years, Sun King has grown into the third-largest beer brewer in Indiana. Sun King’s beers are sold on draft and in cans at more than 300 bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and other venues around central Indiana.

All work and no play makes for a boring life. Dave and Clay’s philosophy of “all work and no play makes for a boring life” is why at the end of a shift everyone deserves a beer or a “shifty”. What is a shifty you ask; well it is a vending machine full of beer cans free of charge. Each employee is encouraged to have one after their shift. Our tour guide Brian added, “It is meant to keep everyone motivated”.

We grabbed a pint at the tap room and then walked across the parking lot to an expansion of the brewery that holds a wood shop, over 200 barrels that are fermenting and trial barrels. Casey does all the woodwork by hand . He told us "If it’s wood, I’m the guy." This in house area creates the off premise racks and signature point of sale. There are two areas that are aging and housing barrels for future use; the wild fermentation room called funky town and spirit aging room, which has suds sitting in rum, bourbon and tequila barrels.

Now, the best part; tasting the brews! Joey D, the regional sales director joined, Brian and ourselves to compare last year's Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil, to this year's. This unique Belgian style black ale smelling of bourbon and bananas and sitting over 10%ABV, was an aggressive yet delicious start to our sampling.


Sun King is well known for five house beers they always have on tap:

  • Sunlight Cream Ale: A light golden color and an easy drinking cream ale for the lighter beer drinker. Very drinkable and a crowd favorite for that entry level craft beer sampler.

  • Wee Mac Scottish Ale: Dark Scottish-style brown ale, which was also easy to drink. A lighter beer with a smell of carmel and smooth mouthfeel. We truly liked this brew all around.

  • Osiris Pale Ale: With an light amber color, this is a nice hoppy Pale Ale. Brewed with plenty of hop punch and citrus undertones.

  • Pachanga: One of my favorites, as I got a pint for the tour and it was easy sipping beer. Light malt aroma, pale yellow color with a big white head. Clean crisp flavor, with a touch of sweet malt and floral hops. Easy drinking, and a solid option on a summer day!

  • SKB IPA: Zesty and fruity aroma; orange, and caramel malt smell. Fuller body, strong bitter finish with pine and citrus zest lingering. Solid IPA

  • In addition to the three beers they always have available, Sun King is constantly experimenting with different specialty beers like Popcorn Pilsner – brewed with Indiana-grown popcorn and freshly popped by an Indianapolis-based gourmet popcorn company. A different brew that had a light butter flavor, light golden color. For their fourth anniversary, Sun King created Grapefruit Jungle/GFJ, an American IPA using a unique blend of hops and it was my favorite beer that we sampled. Name had to be altered to GFJ as per the state liquor board because were is not grapefruit in the brew, however the hops add the bursting flavor and grapefruit aroma. Great story and great suds!

Sun King is a definite must do when in Indianapolis. This destination has such a bright future a head of them and the organization is making extreme strides in the brewing world each month. If you’re in downtown Indianapolis on a Friday, be sure to drop by the brewery and because there is a growler special for (64-oz. bottles) refills of their house beers for just $6. If you are in the market for a new growler, you can get one there for $4.00 and it can be refilled as often as you’d like. Sun King also partners with hundreds of community organizations throughout Indiana in order to help them raise awareness and funds for great causes. Visit www.sunkingbrewing.com for more information.

St Joseph: http://www.saintjoseph.beer/

540 N College Ave. Indianapolis

Another brewery that is a must visit is Saint Joseph’s Brewery. One might think pulling up to a brewery on a Saturday for a couple pints is normal until you realize you are going to an old church to do so. We walked into the beautiful brick structure passing a patio area with outdoor games and a firepit. Carlie, the bartender greeted us with a smile and we ordered a couple pints. She began to tell us the back story of St. Joseph's Brewery and it is truly unique. The church was vacant and dilapidated for many years before they opened 3 years ago in 2015. Previously owned by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, today serves a variety of beers and food to the Indy community. Many renovations went into the space and they brewery continues to grow. Small details were not overlooked as many original pieces of the old church were used such as bar top, using reclaimed pew wood. This open concept brewery would be great for special events or a night out with friends.


Confessional IPA (ABV 6.3%)

Enjoyed this IPA, citrus aroma and hoppy finish


Benevolent Belgian Blond (ABV 6.2%)

A nice rich belian blonde with some sweet notes.


Hey Zeus Belgian Pale Ale (ABV 5.7%)

A spicy IPA with a fruity blend

King James Brown (English) Ale (ABV 4.7%)

Medium brown to the pour with a chocolate aroma and flavor.

Domine Dunkel Weiss (ABV 5.0%)

Golden color on the pour and fruitful smell.

Sintennial Session IPA (ABV 4.9%)

This was my favorite pint. Easy drinking amber colored IPA that had a citrus smell. Lighter hop content, but just enough to pack a flavorful punch

Milktooth: https://www.milktoothindy.com/

534 Virginia Ave.