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A trip to Philadelphia with a side of football

Philadelphia is a vibrant city with a rich football history, and a note worthy food scene. From iconic landmarks to delectable culinary delights, Philadelphia offers a plethora of experiences for visitors. In this blog post, I am recapping our time in Philly.


2033 Penrose Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Up to date, clean and in a great location. 5 minutes to the stadium. 10-15 to downtown and a great diner across the street!

2016 Penrose Ave Philadelphia, PA

Our server, Dottie was fantastic! This was a great stop to fill up before leaving the city. The crab cake benedict was great and many people in town frequent this spot.

Must-Visit Attractions:

Independence National Historical Park: we got in line to explore the Liberty Bell Center and take a stroll through the historic district to admire the beautifully preserved colonial architecture. We did not have much time, but you can also immerse yourself in American history by visiting Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Philadelphia Museum of Art is home to an extensive collection of masterpieces from around the world. However, we made this pit stop just to run up the iconic "Rocky Steps" and a photo opportunity with the Rocky statue.

Reading Terminal Market: Indulge in a food lover's paradise at Reading Terminal Market, one of America's oldest and largest public markets. Sample diverse cuisines, including Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and mouthwatering desserts. It was extremely busy, and wish we had more time to snack and shop.

Culinary Spots:

Philly Cheesesteak: A visit to Philadelphia is incomplete without trying the city's iconic Philly cheesesteak. We had to head to the original spots first: Pat's King of Steaks or Geno's Steaks, both located in South Philadelphia, and savor this delicious sandwich filled with thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, and onions. Buffalo foodie and Philly cheesesteak connoisseur, Matt Baudo says,  "Geno's and Pat's are just like anchor bar and duffs you can skip them for a better local spot.” So we had to stop at Angelo's where we were told is the local favorite. At Angelo's you have patient as the waiting time was 45-55 minutes and cash only. You push your way inside to order as ton of people are hanging out waiting outside to hear their name. The cheese and pepperoni pizza was crispy with a ton of flavor.

(Another local favorite is Delassandros but we could not make it being 45 min away


3. Pats: $15, not updated, roll was on the harder side, steak was dry, cheese on top with peppers and onions.

2. Genos $14, updated and commercial, roll was very soft with peppers and onions and way better than across the street.

1. Angelos: $14, cooper cheese mixed into the steak, sesame seed soft bun, with peppers and onions. tiny and busy spot slinging tons of food.

Angelo's on the pizza/cheese steak review:

Fine dining at Barclays

If you ever get a call from a friend who’s in Philly for one night and needs your top recommendation for a steakhouse, send them to Barclay Prime. It had a trendy vibe, and the steak and service here was some of the best.

Drinks: Esspresso and Dirty Martinis with stuffed blue cheese olives were incredible.

Starter: the crissont rolls came out warm. Stone crab with a digion sauce special, and wedge salad

Dinner: 8oz filet with blue cheese crusted top, yes I am from Buffalo. Truffle potatoes and creamed spinach.

Outfit details:

1310 Drury St

This bar is the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philadelphia. The bar was packed, with tons of beer on tap, and the juke box was fire!


Game Day Guide: Tips for Attending a Philadelphia Eagles Game

Attending the Philadelphia Eagles game was an unforgettable experience. Mostly because it was a hard fought game and the Bills did not pull off the win in overtime. To ensure you have a fantastic time at Lincoln Financial Field, here are some tips for attending a Philadelphia Eagles game.

Getting to the Stadium:

a) UBER: Lincoln Financial Field is conveniently located near public transportation options, but we opted for the quick 5 min Uber ride. It was $14.

b) Driving: If you prefer to drive, Lincoln Financial Field offers parking lots for game-day parking. However, be prepared for heavy traffic and consider arriving early to secure a spot.

Pre-Game Tailgating:

We were lucky enough to have Eagles friends throwing an amazing tailgate in the FDR park.

With years of organizing road trips FOB has been one of the best groups to become a part of the Buffalo Bills community! All inclusive and full trip options available.

The Experience:

Eagles fans, as we have heard, are extremely passionate fan base. We wore our Buffalo Bills gear with pride! Got a lot of middle fingers, got told you should take that off. The "Respect the Fan Code of Conduct," was shown on the big screen a handful of times. Overall, we had a great group with us, so the game-day atmosphere was electric.

After Party at Xfinity Live

We had a great time at the PBR bar. It was $15 to get in and free to ride the bull.