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Nashville Bachelorette

Whether you are looking for a city with southern charm, live music, busy bars, or a place to wear your favorite pair of boots; Nashville was an incredible spot for a bachelorette party. This 4 day girls trip was packed with drinking, brunches, a football game and so many memories! To kick off the party I sent out a mock yearbook of all the ladies that were attending the #AshNashBach . Many of them had not met prior so I thought it would be a funny way to get to know one another before spending the weekend with some strangers.


The majority of the 20 ladies that were making the trip to Nashville arrived on Friday and Saturday. We stayed in an Air B&B in East Nashville because it was difficult to find accommodations for a group this large. I highly recommend staying closer to Broadway even though it was about a 7 Uber minute trip, it would have been easier to maneuver the city.

Let's kick off the bachelorette weekend festivities...

Ideas for the trip:

We kicked off our Nashville Trip with some delivery from Hattie B's a Nashville staple and a must try as we heard the lines at the restaurant are always long. All of the sides were incredible and the medium chicken was spicy enough!

JCrew Tote with goodies inside and custom cowboy light up hats
Welcome Bags

The Welcome Bags

Each of the ladies received a thank you bag when they arrived from J Crew. Inside was sunscreen, sleeping mask, bachelorette scrunchies, and items for a hangover. It was nice to double as a beach bag for the wedding. Lastly, I had custom light up cowboy hats made for the Buffalo Bills Night football game.

I was initially attracted to the multiple picture ready walls you can find in this place. We were surprised to find that the food, drinks and service were wonderful. I tried to make a reservation a couple weeks prior, but was told they could not make one for 12 ladies. Our group arrived around 11:15am and got in line for the rooftop area. Some of us walked around and took some adorable photos while we waited about 20 minutes for the elevator. The menu was small serving light brunch fares; breakfast burrito, burgers and tacos were some favorites. We stayed for the delicious cocktails; Aperol spritz, bloody Mary's, froze, and more! One downfall, was the wind and chills in the shade. Even though the heaters were mildly on and the crew drew the drapes half way it was still cold.

After Brunch Saturday Stroll Through Nashville

Walked to the Candy Hearts Gulch Mural from brunch

601 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Then off to Uncommon James, as it was very busy. My sister purchased some adorable earrings.

We then grabbed a 5 minute Uber to Broadway to take in some day drinking and great live music at Kid Rock Honky Tonk! Easy to grab a drink and a lot of room on multiple levels.

Bride Broadway Bar Crawl

One thing I love to do is a good theme party. I asked my crew of 20 ladies to grab an old wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, or hit up a consignment shop as we are going to do a Bride Dress Bar Crawl on Saturday night. Everyone understood the assignment and it was incredible that each of us received dozens of, "congratulations!" while traveling down Broadway. Many compliments were given by strangers and it was a blast to have all the ladies in white celebrating !

Started at Ledgends, The Stage, Kid Rock Honky Tonk, FGL, and more!

I had made a reservation for 20 ladies 2 weeks prior to our visit. Located in the Berry Hill neighborhood when we arrived we had to wait about 30 minutes as the Jam Cafe was JAM packed. It seemed very unorganized on how the reservations were being tended to but it was worth it. The inside area is quite small, but they had two areas outside which is where we were all seated at picnic tables. The menu had a great variety of breakfast foods as I got the hot chicken biscuit special with grits. A side order of the fried green tomatoes is highly recommended! The group drank some pitchers of mimosas and kicked off the day with a nice base.

The Nashville Tractor

After breakfast we had a 10 minute drive to the Nashville Tractor pick up area! Located in a liquor/beer parking lot we checked in quickly and got our wrist bands. While we awaited the tractor we were encouraged to grab a single from the liquor store and wait on the sidewalk. Once the tractor arrived we all hopped on and met the amazing crew Grace; the bartendeer, DJ TK; our MC, and Jerry! DJ TK laid down the rules and got the party started as we took off for Broadway. For the most part our music requests were honored during the trip. Bucket specials were provided and our whole squad had a riot singing, dancing and waving at patrons on the street. The tractor was a ton of fun and I have to say the hour and half was not long enough!

We loved this beautiful placed recommended by my friend Jamie, who set up this VIP party for Sunday night. The staff was very friendly and efficient, serving crafted Fever Tree cocktails. The menu offered small choices: as we chose some smaller appetizers to all pick at. As we walked up to the 2nd floor there was live music: jazz influenced rock with a touch of country. Our reserved area was on the roof with a lot of space, great views, and great company. Perfect place if you want a break from the crowds on Broadway.

This was a fun little field trip after a few unhealthy days of partying for a much needed pick-me-up before the football game. The staff was friendly, however even with a reservation we had to wait an hour, which was not great news. Once served it was nice to sit outside and get hydrated. There were some fantastic guys from the bar next door whom served us drinks while we waited for our hydration bags.

Monday Night Football

Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium 1 Titans Way Nashville TN 37213

We attended an amazing tailgate set up by The Fans of Buffalo. Organizing a couple thousand fans is not easy and they had minimal lines and an overall great time! The stadium was very nice and there was not a bad seat in the house. We got through security fast and the concourse was lined with food and beer vendors. We went through Titans group ticket sales which allowed us all to sit together.

This bachelorette party exceeded all my expectations and that is all due to the crew of ladies that took time out of their busy lives to celebrate. My sincere gratitude to those who came to Nashville, those whom sent drinks, and those whom helped plan. It was an amazing weekend of love, memories, and celebrations!

Bring on the MacDonald- Dopp wedding!

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So happy you had such an amazing time! You do so much to make others happy and for you to shine for your bachelorette and have such an incredible time is just amazing! I never been to Nashville but after reading this makes me want to go! Xoxo ❤️

Ashleigh Dopp
Ashleigh Dopp
11 nov. 2021
En réponse à

This means so much! Thank you to the moon and back. You definitely need to check Nashville out soon!

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