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The absolute best day trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico

While vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, you must add a day trip to Isla Mujeres to your travel itinerary. This small island is accessible via Experiencias Cancun short catamaran ride from Cancun. A must do trip, rich in picturesque sights, magnificent beaches, and world-class snorkeling. This luxury tour allowed our group an incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of a this charming island in style.

Before booking I reached out with some questions for the team and Elena's communication was incredible. I decided the Privilege Tour Isla Mujeres would be the best fit for our party of 5.

Brief Outline of the Tour:

Adult $120 USD (over 11 years old)

Child $79 USD (children up to 10 years old)

$15 USD Dock Tax per person

$10 Cancun Shuttle

A shuttle service to the dock, where you await the luxury catamaran at the bar. Sail to Isla Mujeres with the comfort and amenities of Experincias Cancuns most luxurious boats.

Enjoy a 7 hour tour starting with snorkeling in the reef. This VIP experience provided Premium Drinks, Snacks and lunch at a Private beach front Club.

Our group was picked up in a clean, spacious and air conditioned sprinter van from the lobby area of our hotel located in the hotel zone area. Around a 25 minute drive to the dock, which consisted of a registration area, bar, little shop with meds and other items, bathrooms and tables to wait for your your tour. The group was called and about 15 people filed towards the dock to board the beautiful catamaran.

Once on board we were greeted with a mimosa and asked to have a seat before we set sail. Miguel led by introducing the amazing team on the boat and laid down some safety rules.

(Jorge was the photographer on board and he really captured some wonderful shots of our group)

We were off! Ready to feel the breeze, sit back and enjoy this exciting day of sailing, snorkeling, great food, fun and breathtaking views! First, we were able to do some world-class snorkeling in the reef. With masks, flippers and life jackets the group got in the water and swam to the main area of the reef. A lot of colorful fish, coral and some old statues were seen on the floor of the sea. After, about 30-40 minutes we got back on the boat and dried off. The team then headed towards Isla Mujeres. We were served drinks and donuts by the staff. Upon arrival the asked us to take all our belongings while off the boat, so if you're planning on walking around the island be aware to pack accordingly.

Items To Bring:

The crew docked at the North Beach and everyone was excited to get off on the island to have a fun filled day. The beach was magnificent; silky sand and crystal blue waters. Our group was led to the beach club where we were fed a delicious buffet lunch with free drinks included. The food was great; guacamole, rice, fresh tacos and more.

The tour allowed a few hours to explore the island, so we decided to bar hop and do some shopping. It was fun to navigate the streets for a couple hours, but decided to head back to the stunning beach and grab some fresh ceviche at the beach club.

Around 5:45pm we were all escorted back on the boat to head back to Cancun. Upon getting back on the boat we were served drinks and had time to pop champagne to celebrate my birthday. The service was outstanding as well as the other people on the board! Overall, this adventure was outstanding and we cannot thank Experiencias Cancún enough!

This Isla Mujeres day tour was a combination of Caribbean beauty and unique island culture with a tropical experience. It was a relaxing getaway; especially if you’re looking to explore a place where life moves at a slower pace.

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